Sailing & Surfing

With the cooperation we have made with Burhaniye Sailing Club, you Adra Club guests will have the opportunity to learn and enjoy these sports with the help of Experienced Teachers and Sürf or Yelken rental with a discount of up to 40%.

Environmental Tours

In order to see historical and panoramic beauties; By using Oren as a center, starting from Bergama to Ayvalık, Devil's Sofrası, Dikili, Burhaniye Kaz Mountains, the historical villages around the Madra Mountains, Edremit, Ethnography Museum, Akçay, Altınoluk, Assos Berhamkale, Troy and Çanakkale, you will have the privilege of participating in the insured tours with the assurance of Zefira Tour, whether you want to make a reservation on your behalf and become an Adra Club member.

Different beauties are waiting for you in Daily Yacht Tours.

Other Events

With the privilege of Adra Club, many more activities are waiting for you. You can enjoy hammocks under centuries-old plane trees, play table football in our cafeteria, play station, watch TV. You can also have a barbecue with your family at any time of the day and enjoy it.

Ören Adra Club Apart Tatil Evleri

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